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What Will I Learn?
  • Tell a good wine from a better one, like an expert
  • Efficiently taste and decipher wines, like a champion
  • Navigate through a wine list and pick the best suited wine
  • Tell different grape varieties in a blind tasting, what a rockstar
  • Tell International winestyles and define their tastes and characteristics
  • Serve wines like a pro
  • Be a guru of food and wine pairing
  • And pronounce nearly every tongue-twisting wine like it was your mother tongue
  • And, you'll forever taste, never get drunk!

Curriculum for this course
45 Lessons 08:34:57 Hours
Study Material
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Handout : Study Material
  • Basics of Wines 1 00:26:46
  • Basics of Wines 2 00:22:32
  • Quiz : Basics of Wines 00:00:00
  • Climate Matters 00:22:24
  • Quiz : Climate Matters 00:00:00
  • White Grapes 00:16:27
  • Quiz : White Grapes 00:00:00
  • Red Grapes 00:20:28
  • Quiz : Red Grapes 00:00:00
  • Reading Labels 00:13:41
  • Tasting Wines 00:34:01
  • Quiz : Tasting 00:00:00
  • International Styes : Sparkling + Sweet + Fortified Wines 00:15:24
  • International Styles : Still Wines 00:30:24
  • Quiz : International Wine Styles 00:00:00
  • Service + Storage + Temperatures 00:35:45
  • Serving Still Wine 00:05:17
  • Serving Sparkling Wine 00:04:19
  • Quiz : Storage + Service 00:00:00
  • Food Pairings Principles 00:25:51
  • Pairing Dishes 00:29:27
  • Quiz : Food Pairings 00:00:00
  • Pronunciations 00:25:32
  • Indian Wines 00:50:29
  • Wine Appellations 00:37:59
  • Suggested Wine Books
  • Sommelier India Wine Magazine
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Sherry 00:04:53
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Recieto Della Valpolicella 00:06:32
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Late Bottled Vintage Port 00:05:15
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Zweigelt 00:05:06
  • Spotlight - Vallonne Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 00:02:47
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Vin De Passerillage 00:03:27
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Sula Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon 00:04:08
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Bourgogne 00:08:17
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Malbec 00:07:37
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Sauvignon Blanc 00:07:31
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Barolo 00:06:26
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Viognier 00:05:38
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Cabernet Sauvignon Day 00:04:59
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Sauternes 00:06:50
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Grenache 00:06:14
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - Pinotage 00:07:56
  • 52 Drinks 52 Weeks - York Vineyard H-Block Chardonnay 00:04:35
  • A curious heart and an open mind :)
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Institute of Wine + Beverage Studies brings to you wine lessons at any place and any time.
This online program offers the basic introduction to main wine styles and gyaan on its various aspects. With validity of 90 days and multiple online video modules this course is exclusively made for all the wine aficionados and professionals to-be.

At this level, our educators will guide you with the help of video modules and aid you in exploiting your senses to explore the wine world.

You will be introduced to the basics of wines and primary terms used to describe it, key varietals, international wine styles, the skills of opening, serving, tasting wines, food and wine pairing, pronunciation and commenting on them, all intrinsic to the art of sommellerie.

To evaluate the progress, participants can take the quiz curated by our educators after completion of each chapter.

Best suited for future hospitality professionals, new entrants in the liquor trade, front-line professionals looking at strengthening their wine fundamentals, and wine enthusiasts who wish to go a step further than simply drinking the beverage. For enthusiasts, this level is a great way to get acquainted with wines and to never feel intimidated again when faced with a wine list, or asked to try and comment on a wine that someone has just offered you.

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IWBS is institute of wine and beverages solutions

The IWBS motto is – aa-yogya-ha puru-sho na-asti – meaning, there is no person who is not able.

At IWBS, the belief is that we all have what it takes to be the best in our chosen pursuit. We believe everyone can learn wines, spirits, brews, and ferments, and at any age.

We wish to make education fun, frolic, and accessible, while clutching on to a strong professional approach that is globally acknowledged and shapes a professional at par with international experts’ skills.

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  • Sat, 08-Aug-2020
    Jim P
  • Mon, 08-Jun-2020
  • Mon, 08-Jun-2020
    Biman Chakraborty
  • Tue, 09-Jun-2020
    Mohit Joglekar
    Amazing wine lessons ,lot of new things and easy to understand.
  • Fri, 12-Jun-2020
    Courses are amazing
  • Fri, 19-Jun-2020
  • Tue, 23-Jun-2020
    Arnab Ghosh
    Thank you for this comprehensive wine sessions.
  • Sat, 27-Jun-2020
    Udit Maheshwari
  • Tue, 30-Jun-2020
    Hi Magan, I would like to start by congratulating you on your new venture. It's really interesting to see how well you have encapsulated the depth and breadth of knowledge through this online course along with providing resources and support necessary to help a wine enthusiast succeed and enjoy the process along the way. Wishing you all the Best!
  • Fri, 10-Jul-2020
    Glen Dsouza
  • Tue, 21-Jul-2020
    Best way to learn and understand basics of wine from home....
  • Thu, 23-Jul-2020
    Piyush Nilesh Wadgaonkar
  • Sun, 26-Jul-2020
    Ayusha Singh
    An excellent course. Glad to learn from the industry's best.
  • Sat, 01-Aug-2020
    Joshua Leny Thomas
  • Thu, 06-Aug-2020
    Ahuja Rahul Prakashlal
    Best way to educate for upcoming food and beverage aspirant like me
  • Mon, 10-Aug-2020
    Rudra Pratap Behera
    Great class and both somellier are very good in Wine education and very good and incredible knowledge regarding Wine. I learned lot as a Sales Proffesional.
  • Mon, 17-Aug-2020
    Shrey Sharma
    Best course to become a champion in wine, even if you don't know that wines are made from gapes. Magan sir and Gagan sir has done a great job. Can't be more thankful to you ????????
  • Tue, 18-Aug-2020
    Godwin Antony Paul Machery
  • Thu, 20-Aug-2020
    Gaurang Sudhakar Haldankar
    This course is absolutely worth to money and mainly knowledge, one seeking career in F&B should consider doing this online course. Very nicely explain by our two great mentors in a simple language.
  • Mon, 24-Aug-2020
  • Fri, 04-Sep-2020
    Harsh Besla
    Absolutely loved the course! Would definitely recommend it.
  • Wed, 30-Sep-2020
    Manorath Rathore Singh
  • Sat, 10-Oct-2020
    Parth Sameer Chaphekar
    one of my best buys in this lockdown period. overall the experience was amazing
  • Mon, 19-Oct-2020
  • Fri, 30-Oct-2020
    Jaydev Dutta
  • Thu, 19-Nov-2020
    Maroot Sahu
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